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The Veda Quintessence For The Evolution of Third Millennium Man

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Taking part in the sacred task of spreading Vedic Knowledge and promoting Mankind’s Spiritual Evolutionary boost is the purpose not only of my present Life, but of my entire existence. Being able to share my Knowledge, Experience and a part of the supreme Spiritual Treasure the Lord has “entrusted” to me is an enormous privilege, honour, joy and Grace. It is my way of serving Creation and God Himself, collaborating in the Realization of His Design. This is a historical and Evolutionary moment of extraordinary importance for Mankind, the Transitional Moment of the whole Planetary System into the Fifth Dimension, consisting of Global Conscious and Spiritual Leap, defined as “Quantum Leap”. Especially now, Mankind is confused, diverted and overwhelmed by “darkness” and has an extreme need for clarity, Truth, right directions, solid and reliable points of reference, True Knowledge and Authentic Guides. Based on Vedic Knowledge, the oldest and most sacred Spiritual Teachings of India, the contents of this Volume have been adapted and related to the present age, to nowaday’s Human mentality and to the need of that specific period. 
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